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Sil-All Silage Innoculant
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Don’t leave your forage fermentation to chance

You only have one opportunity to ferment your silage

With close to 100 years of combined experience in silage microbiology and the development of silage inoculants to help control the ensiling fermentation process, the new Sil-All technical team reviewed the product formulation to determine if there was a need for the product to take its next evolutionary step.  Sil-All has been rigorously tested to validate efficacy.

Sil-All’s 4×4 formula takes control to dominate undesirable bacteria

4 bacteria strains – The four strains of bacteria in Sil-All4x4 are scientifically selected to work in harmony.  Together they are efficacious over the entire ensiling pH range.

4 enzymes – Four different enzymes are included in Sil-All4x4 to help release sugars from the crop.  Our bacteria and enzymes work together to drive a rapid, efficient fermentation resulting in:

  • Reduced dry matter (DM) losses
  • Preservation of the most highly digestible and nutritious components of the feed
  • A higher quality feed, which can naturally lead to increased production

With this formulation, Sil-All can work across a wide range of forages and DM.

Forage fermentation can be seen as a race between the desirable LAB and the undesirable spoilage microbes. The quicker the desirable LAB dominate ─ and drive the fermentation ─ the more efficient the fermentation will be. If the undesirable microbes dominate your forages are prone to dry matter and nutrient losses.


Meta analysis of 67 trials assessing the efficacy of Sil-All on a variety of forages



  Control Treated
pH 3.72a ± 1.45 3.47b ± 0.14
Lactic acid (LA) (g/ Kg) 99.1a ± 12.9 115.8b ± 12.9
Acetic acid (AA) (g/ Kg) 21.7 ± 4.3 17.5 ± 4.3
LA/AA ratio 5.34a ± 1.47 7.00b ± 1.47
Ammonia (g/ Kg) 10.1a ± 1.0 7.7b ± 1.0
DM losses (g/ Kg) 223.2 ± 47.0 194.1 ± 47.0